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Shade Tree Rebate


The Kerrville Public Utility Board (KPUB) is continuing its Shade Tree Rebate Program. It is a Rebate/Incentive program that provides funds directly to KPUB customers who plant specific drought resistant trees.

A rebate up to $25.00 per tree (limit two) will be paid by KPUB to a customer, property owner or business within the KPUB service area for planting new trees.

Rebate not to exceed cost of tree(s).


  • Must be a current KPUB customer (residential or commercial) or property owner served by KPUB.
  • Tree(s) must be purchased and planted between October 1st 2017 thru April 30th 2018.
  • Only trees from the KPUB approved list will be eligible.
  • Trees must be planted at the address listed on the rebate application.
  • Trees must be planted within 10‐30 feet from an air conditioned building.
  • Trees must be planted at least 20 feet away from overhead service utility lines.
  • Trees must be planted on the South, West and East side only. Trees planted on the North side do not qualify.
  • Complete and sign application and submit with original sales receipt (or photocopy) or paid invoice for trees purchased indicating date of purchase, dealers name, phone number and address.


Applications will be accepted for qualified drought resistant trees purchased and planted between October 1st 2017 thru April 30th 2018. Applications can be picked up from KPUB at 2250 Memorial Blvd. and are also available online at  Completed applications must be submitted to KPUB, along with all accompanying documentation, no later than May 30th 2018. 

KPUB reserves the right to visually inspect and verify the tree planting site. KPUB reserves the right to change the program at any time.

For more information, please contact the Engineering Department at 830-257-3050 or email


Shade Tree Rebate Requirements             Shade Tree Rebate Application


LIMITED REBATES AVAILABLE – Hurry and get yours soon!



*Revised 10/3/17