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POWERHOUSE™ Education Program

The Kerrville Public Utility Board (KPUB) sponsors the POWERHOUSE™ education program.  This program is conducted in the local 6th grade schools.  Center Point ISD, Hunt ISD, Ingram ISD, and BT Wilson in Kerrville are currently participating.  Students are provided access to computers, printers and software designed to teach the benefits of energy conservation.  The classes also reinforce basic science, physics and energy classes.  Designed to complement 6th grade curriculum, the POWERHOUSE™ program discusses the production, transmission and distribution of electricity from the power plant to the consumer.  Differing sources of electricity are explored and the advantages and disadvantages of each are discussed.

Students use an energy audit worksheet to investigate their own home.  Different aspects of the home are evaluated including:  heating and cooling, water heating, lighting, recreational activities, water usage, and transportation energy.  Students can them determine their families’ energy usage pattern and can target areas to be reduced.  After collecting data at home, students use the computers to model an energy stimulation of their house.  Students can then see the effects of changes in usage habits or improvements to the home.  As stewards of the environment, students learn that conserving energy helps to preserve and protect natural resources.