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AMI stands for Automated Metering Infrastructure. It is an electrical meter that records the consumption of electricity and sends that information back to KPUB. These meters differ from traditional meters because there is a wireless module installed in the meter which allows for two-way wireless communication (much like a cell phone) between the meter and KPUB. The AMI meters collect usage data electronically daily as opposed to a monthly reading by a meter reader. The AMI meter transmits these readings remotely over a private, secure wireless radio network.  


Why are the traditional meters being replaced?

AMI meters represent a significant improvement over previous metering technology. These AMI meters will allow KPUB to have better billing and consumption data.

Benefits include:  

Improved Efficiency – reading all meters, residential and commercial, remotely will be more cost effective than having KPUB personnel drive to remote locations monthly.

Improved Reliability – Having a two-way communication with the AMI meters will enhance KPUB’s outage management system by proactively determining outage locations.

Improved Power Quality - The AMI system will report variances in voltage and other line conditions that will help KPUB maintain a more reliable power distribution system.

Improved Customer Service – The AMI system will allow KPUB to offer our customers more timely information regarding their energy consumption, which will help customers make wise decisions about how they use energy in their homes.

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