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Burned Veterans' Discount Program


The Burned Veterans' Discount Program was approved by the Kerrville Public Utility Board, effective October 1, 2013.

  • The Program provides up to a $90.00 per month discount for the months of April through October on the primary residential electric service account only of the KPUB customer who is a severely burned veteran and has completed the application process.
  • The discount may not result in a credit balance (Example: Electric bill is $85.00 – the discount will only be $85.00).
  • A medical military facility certification is required for an Applicant to be eligible.
  • Medical confirmation will be necessary every 12 months to continue Program participation.
  • The Applicant must be a military veteran who has significantly decreased ability to regulate his or her body’s core temperature because of severe burns received during armed conflict or in combat.
  • Only the Applicant’s primary residence that he or she currently occupies is eligible for the discount. The discount will apply even if the veteran is not the customer of record.
  • The credit is valid on one electric account only.
  • The current rules and regulations shall apply to the Program, including the payment and collection process.
  • This Program can be modified or cancelled at any time without notice.

Click on the link below to print an application:

Burned Veterans' Discount Program Application