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Security Flood Lights

Area Lighting- Don't be left in the dark!

Kerrville Public Utility Board (KPUB) now offers a full range of Security and Floodlighting services. KPUB can provide outdoor lighting fixtures, including maintenance, for a fixed monthly fee. The monthly cost varies based on the type and size fixture you choose and will be added to your monthly bill. A KPUB representative can help you decide which fixture is right for your needs.


Floodlighting Types:

The Floodlighting program is intended to bring a valuable service to our commercial customers. By mounting the fixtures on existing or new KPUB poles, you can avoid the costly up-front investment and maintenance expenses of installing and owning lights, poles, and wiring. KPUB provides all maintenance, repairs and replacement of fixtures at no additional charge to the customer.

Benefits of KPUB's Flood Lighting:
  • Provides nighttime security
  • Extends business hours (sales)
  • Extends leisure hours
  • No investment needed
  • No maintenance
  • Increased safety
  • Crime deterrent
  • Automatic control
  • Energy efficient
  • More effective than area light

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