street banners


Each year, the City of Kerrville hosts a street banner drawing at Kerrville City Hall. The drawing date will be released to the public by the City of Kerrville via a public service announcement.

Any social institution, religious organization, nonprofit organization, youth organization or educational institution is invited to come to the meeting and enter a lottery-type drawing for the opportunity to select the location of your choice for display. There are six banner locations to choose from, and each organization is allowed two banners per event; two events per year. If space permits, additional events may be made available after Jan. 1.

Applications may be picked up at the reception desk at City Hall prior to the scheduled meeting date or can be found by clicking the banner permit application link below. Questions about obtaining a street banner should be referred to the City of Kerrville, 830.257.8000.


The banner must meet specifications and be supplied from an approved supplier as listed in KPUB’s “banner design criteria.”

KPUB is responsible for erection and removal of banners only. Banners will be hung at the designated street locations by KPUB’s employees for a period not to exceed three weeks.

Please refer to the banner design criteria link below for complete information, rules and specifications.