Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & billing

What are my payment options?

Click here for KPUB’s numerous payment options.

Why is my bill so high?

The total amount of your bill is reflective of many factors, but in large part, it is specific to how warm or cool you prefer to keep your home or office and thus how often your furnace or air conditioner runs. A simple way in which you can reduce your monthly bill without suffering from uncomfortable temperature extremes is by taking advantage of our FREE RESIDENTIAL ENERGY AUDIT.

This program is a free service to our residential customers. A KPUB representative will inspect your home and with a written report, make recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the home. All aspects of the home are evaluated. Residential energy audits will be scheduled during normal business hours according to staff availability. KPUB staff does not make repairs to customer’s equipment. An energy audit can be a valuable tool to help you understand your energy usage and resulting bill.

For more information on a FREE home energy audit, click here.

Where can I pay my bill?

Our business hours are 8-5, M-F.

Kerrville Public Utility Board
2250 Memorial Blvd.
Kerrville, TX 78028

What is the current billing schedule?

Rates & tariffs

What are KPUB's tariff and service regulations?

Please click here to view KPUB’s tariff and service regulations.

See the attached documents provided by Utility Financial Solutions:

The Cost of Service and Rate Report is based on a study conducted by Utility Financial Solutions (UFS). UFS projections demonstrate the need for an increase in rates. Each customer class will be adjusted differently to align the rates for each class with the cost to serve that class.

The FY2019 Rate Design as presented by Utility Financial Solutions (UFS).

Based on the Utility Financial Solutions (UFS) study, fees for new accounts, new services, reconnections, collections, and others will be adjusted to bring the costs more in line with actual cost for each type of service.

AMI meters

What is an AMI meter?

AMI stands for Automated Metering Infrastructure. It is an electrical meter that records the consumption of electricity and sends that information back to KPUB. These meters differ from traditional meters because there is a wireless module installed in the meter which allows for two-way wireless communication (much like a cell phone) between the meter and KPUB. The AMI meters collect usage data electronically daily as opposed to a monthly reading by a meter reader. The AMI meter transmits these readings remotely over a private, secure wireless radio network.

AMI meters represent a significant improvement over previous metering technology. These AMI meters will allow KPUB to have better billing and consumption data. Meter data is collected in 15 minute intervals.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Efficiency – reading all meters, residential and commercial, remotely will be more cost effective than having KPUB personnel drive to remote locations monthly.
  • Improved Reliability – Having a two-way communication with the AMI meters will enhance KPUB’s outage management system by proactively determining outage locations.
  • Improved Power Quality – The AMI system will report variances in voltage and other line conditions that will help KPUB maintain a more reliable power distribution system.
  • Improved Customer Service – The AMI system will allow KPUB to offer our customers more timely information regarding their energy consumption, which will help customers make wise decisions about how they use energy in their homes.
Have the meters been tested for accuracy?
Yes. The accuracy of the equipment used by the AMI meter manufacturer conforms to standards set by the National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
Do I own the meter?
No. KPUB owns and maintains the AMI metering equipment. It is illegal and unsafe to tamper with or remove it. Removing or tampering with KPUB property creates a safety issue, which may result in termination of service, and is considered a crime. If done improperly it can result in serious injury or death.
Can a customer opt-out of receiving the AMI meter?
Yes. All customers will receive a new AMI meter. Customers who choose to opt out will be required to sign an opt out acknowledgement form. The meters at the locations for customers that have chosen to opt out will have a digital meter that does not have any radio transmission ability, and does not perform interval readings.

If a customer chooses to opt out of having the meter installed, there will be a $20.00 monthly meter reading fee added to the bill to cover the costs of having to physically read the meter each month.