ERCOT update (8:11 a.m.)
Texas is currently still in a state of emergency. But, the good news for now is: ERCOT has temporarily suspended the rotating outages at this time, but they advise that a significant amount of generation is still offline.  It is possible that some level of rotating outages may be needed over the next couple of days to keep the grid stable, so this is all still subject to change.

If you are experiencing an outage, please contact us directly at 830.257.3050 for a status update or to report your outage. Crews are responding to smaller outage within our service area, and will not stop throughout this event.

Customers are advised to continue to conserve energy with the following tips:
(peak winter usage hours/when conservation is needed the most is between 7 a.m.-12 p.m. and 5-10 p.m.).

  • Setting your thermostat to 68 degrees or under.
  • Avoiding using major appliances during peak morning and evening hours.
  • Closing shades and blinds to reduce heat leaving your home.
  • Bundling up and utilizing clothing and blankets for additional warmth.

Turning off unused lights and unplugging any nonessential equipment and appliances as they can still draw current, even when turned off.

KPUB also recommends that customers keep their cellphone devices fully charged during extreme weather events and be prepared with safety kits that include spare flashlights, batteries, candles and a battery-powered cellphone charging device. Additional tips can be found on KPUB’s website here.