EV charging stations

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to a number of advantages for consumers, including convenience, cost savings and environmental benefits. On average, it costs about half as much to drive an EV, compared to a similar vehicle that runs on gasoline. EVs also produce zero direct emissions, which improves air quality, enhances public health and reduces environmental impact.

As more electric vehicles come onto the market, KPUB’s staff is actively planning how to incorporate customers’ charging needs into our community electricity infrastructure. KPUB added a community EV level 2 charging station inside the Kerrville Parking Garage in 2012, and the staff is looking at prospective community spaces for potential charging stations to add for the convenience of the public.

Electric Vehicle Public Charging Flat Rate Program

KPUB is offering an Electric Vehicle Public Charging Flat Rate Program to its customers or to the visitors, non-customers, in the Kerrville Area. KPUB will charge a flat rate of $30.00 for 6 months. To proceed with the Flat Rate Program, please fill out and submit the EV application. KPUB will call the applicant to receive payment over the phone. To obtain further information you may contact Jo Anderson, Customer Service Manager or Ricardo Berrios Jr, Distribution Engineer at 1-830-257-3050 or email [email protected].

Important Information to obtain Unlimited Usage:
Please note – after paying KPUB’s Flat Rate Fee, EV users will need to go to their account on ChargePoint and enter the Connection Code: KPUBUSER. After EV users have entered the connection code, KPUB will receive notification from ChargePoint to add the EV user’s name to the unlimited usage rate. Once KPUB has added the EV User to the Unlimited Usage List, ChargePoint will send a confirmation email to the EV User.