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Our Rates

KPUB is a not-for-profit, community-owned utility, and our mission is to be a responsive and efficient, locally-owned provider of reliable, high-quality utility service at the lowest responsible price. Our customers help determine our electric rates with local control and local decision-making.

Compared to most U.S. residents, you save hundreds of dollars a year on electricity. KPUB powers our customers’ homes and businesses with some of the best electricity rates in Texas and across the entire U.S.


*residential rate comparison of surrounding area utilities in September 2023.

KPUB’s rates are designed to recover the cost to serve each class of customer. We purchase power for our customers from diverse, competitive sources to ensure the best possible rates. KPUB is one of the most efficient electric utilities in the State of Texas and the entire country.

KPUB Rates-kWh-2023


Our residential rate structure is comprised of three components that will appear under the detail of electric charges on your monthly bill: power supply charge, distribution charge and customer charge. Learn more here.

Your monthly bill will be the sum of these three rate components, plus any taxes, assessments, or surcharges imposed by any governmental authority, which are assessed on the basis of revenues from electric service or volume of electricity purchased or sold.

For a full list of all of KPUB’s fees, please refer to our tariff by clicking the button below.


Sample residential rate breakdown for 1,000 kWh
Power supply charge*    $70.45
Distribution charge        $16.80
Customer charge           $15.25
Total due for service     $102.50

* Power supply charge varies. KPUB does not generate our own electricity—we purchase it from diverse power suppliers. Accordingly, our tariff (rate) is based on a fixed rate + a variable rate that can fluctuate with actual power supply costs. The variable portion is called the power cost adjustment factor (PCAF).

The current power supply charge (as of November 2023) is as follows:
Fixed rate (page 3 of tariff document)      $0.04060 per kWh
PCAF (page 17 of tariff document)           $0.02985 per kWh
Total power supply charge                    $0.07045 per kWh


We are dedicated to providing fair rates to our customers and ensure that when a customer is billed, the charges reflect the actual cost of serving that customer. To help us do this, we periodically engage a third-party consultant to review the cost of serving each class of customer (residential vs. commercial vs. large commercial) and make recommendations on our rate design.

The consultant’s cost of service reports and recommendations are presented to our board and city council when rates are revised. Our most recent consultant’s cost of service reports are available here:

Understanding your KPUB bill

Your monthly billing statement provides you with detailed information about your KPUB account. If you have any questions about the charges on your account, our KPUB customer service team is happy to help! Please contact us at 830.257.3050.


Bills are due when rendered and become past due if not paid within sixteen (16) days thereafter. Past due bills shall be assessed a one-time penalty charge of 5% of the unpaid amount. Upon proof of age of over 60 years, the penalty for past due bills shall be waived.

Our standard bill cycles are cycle 01, 02, 03 & 04. Your KPUB bill is due on a Friday each month, and the dates will vary depending upon what cycle you fall under. Click the button below to view our bill cycle calendar for a listing of all your cycle’s due dates for the year.

If you’d like to select a different billing cycle that works better for your pay schedule or monthly budget, we are happy to help! Contact our customer service department at 830.257.3050 or email [email protected].

*please note, you can only change your billing cycle once a year.

Where does your money go

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