Residential Rates & BIlling


KPUB is a not-for-profit, community-owned utility, and our mission is to be a responsive and efficient, locally-owned provider of reliable, high-quality utility service at the lowest responsible price. Our customers help determine our electric rates with local control and local decision-making. For a full list of all fees, please refer to our tariff.


These are the current rate comparisons that KPUB has available based on information from other utility websites. The Public Utility Commission of Texas also provides limited retail rate comparisons between private investor owned, cooperatives and municipal utilities at




Bills are due when rendered and become past due if not paid within sixteen (16) days thereafter. Past due bills shall be assessed a one time penalty charge of 5% of the unpaid amount. Upon proof of age of over 60 years, the penalty for past due bills shall be waived.

KPUB Bill Explanation

Sign up for paperless billing

Sign up to receive your statements online through your SmartHub account and eliminate the need for a paper bill to be mailed to you each month. Conserve paper by viewing online copies of your paper statement—it’s easy!

  • Download a PDF of your statement online.
  • Receive an email and/or text each month alerting you that your statement is available for viewing online.
  • Have less mail to sort through and fewer papers to file.
  • Help the environment!

To sign up for paperless billing, log in to your SmartHub account, select the option directly after to turn off paperless bills and submit your selection. While you’re there, please update your account information to ensure that we have your most recent contact information.

Level Payment Plan / Budget Billing

With KPUB’s Level Payment Plan* you can pay the same amount each month on your electric bill. For those on a fixed income, this program is very helpful.

Customers who have been at the same address and have paid on time for twelve concurrent months, are eligible for this program.

  • Contact our office to see how much your average billing is for the past twelve months.
  • A budget amount will be calculated, based upon your last twelve month’s average bill.
  • The level monthly payment calculated may be adjusted quarterly for actual usage.
  • After twelve months, if you have overpaid or underpaid, the balance will be rolled into the next twelve month’s average.
  • You will receive notification on your yearly anniversary concerning the account balance and options available.

Please contact customer service at 1.830.257.3050 or via email [email protected] for information.

*Level payment plan / budget billiing is for residential customers only.