About your privacy at KPUB

Privacy Statement

This policy describes the Kerrville Public Utility Board privacy practices regarding information collected and stored that is obtained from customers for the purposes of establishing electric service.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected will be used for the purposes of identifying the customer in our office. We do not collect personal information for any purpose other than to serve or respond to our customers.

All personally identifiable information given to KPUB will remain confidential. We currently maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Personal information will be collected, from our customers, in our office lobby at 2250 Memorial Blvd., Kerrville, Texas and verified in accordance with our Identity Theft Prevention Program which is available at the KPUB office.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Except as permitted under the Utilities Code of the State of Texas, the Kerrville Public Utility Board does not disclose personally identifiable information to third parties unless KPUB receives a public information request and is required to disclose the information under the Public Information Act or unless it receives a legally valid subpoena or court order. Personal information may be used to identify customers for collection purposes, obtaining credit reports and to verify identity. Customers payment history may be reported back to determine delinquency risk. KPUB will not release electric consumption or any credit information without written consent of the customer.

Under the Utilities Code of the State of Texas, KPUB may disclose personal information in a customer’s account record to governmental officials or employees acting in an official capacity, a consumer reporting agency, another entity that provides utility service for compensation, and other specified parties to whom such personal information may be provided, as set forth in Section 182.054 of the Utilities Code.

Please be aware that when you provide information to any government entity, that information may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act and applicable federal legislation. Information about the Texas Public Information Act is available from the office of the Attorney General.

Protection, Access to and Disposition of Personal Information

Personal information will be maintained on the KPUB billing system computer and on the original contract for electric service until the customer disconnects their electric account and all payments for electric service have been made in full. Records will be permanently removed from the computer billing system after the customer has not had service with KPUB for a period greater than 5 (five) years. Contracts and other written documentation containing personal information are stored in a vault at KPUB’s offices. Only KPUB employees have access to the vault. Once the customer has been removed from the computer billing system, the contract and other documentation will be shredded or otherwise destroyed.

Updated: April 2013