Equipment Safety

Downed Power Lines

  • Never touch or approach downed power lines—always assume that downed wires are energized. 
  • Immediately call 9-1-1 and KPUB at 830.257.3050 to report the downed power lines.
  • If you are in the vicinity of a downed power line, you must take small, shuffling steps with your feet close together and in contact with the ground at all times (until you are at least 30 feet away from a downed distribution line and at least 100 feet away from a downed transmission line). Do not take large steps and do not allow your heels to pass your toes. This ensures both feet remain in areas of similar voltage.

Substations & Underground Utility Lines

  • A substation is large, high voltage equipment that is part of electrical generation, transmission and distribution to customers.
  • Substations are always fenced off and have posted warnings for your safety. Never enter a substation or fenced enclosure that surrounds electrical equipment. The fenced-off area is extremely dangerous.
  • Never allow children to play near a substation and never attempt to enter one.
  • If you see a damaged fence around the perimeter of a substation, call KPUB at 830.257.3050.

Pad-mounted Transformers

  • Pad-mounted transformers are the green or gray metal boxes, usually located within a public utility easement that crosses the land owner’s property.
  • Be sure to maintain an eight-foot path in front of the unit free from fences, trees, shrubs, sheds, and other obstructions. 
  • Avoid coming in contact with a pad-mounted transformer and never let children play on or near them.
  • Damaged or unlocked transformers should be reported immediately to KPUB at 830.257.3050.