Scamming has become increasingly more common in the utility industry and easier for scammers to hack and steal information and impersonate KPUB employees. Although scams are popping up all around us, they can be identified and avoided.

The best way to avoid a scam is to contact KPUB directly if you are not 100% sure regarding the source of an email, call, text, or any other form of contact.


Knowing what KPUB does and does not do can save you from becoming the victim of a scam:

  • KPUB will never ask for credit card information over the phone or threaten immediate shut-offs.
  • Scammers will threaten to shut off your power if immediate payment is not made. If you receive a phone call similar to this, do not pay and report the incident to KPUB at 830-257-3050.
  • Emails can also be sent by scammers with links to view and pay bills online. Never click on any links if you receive an email. This could be a scam tactic to steal your login information.
  • Text messages are also used by scammers to trick you. If you receive a threatening text message about turning your power off or making a payment do not click on any links.
  • Door-to-door scammers could possibly show up to your home or business to collect a payment to avoid power disruptions. Never make a utility payment to someone at your residence. If you feel a scammer has approached you regarding your KPUB bill, report the incidence to 9-1-1 and KPUB at 830-257-3050.
  • Caller ID can be taken over by scammers so the number showing up is from a reputable business. If any card or banking information is asked for, contact the Federal Communications Commission at 888-225-5322, the local police, and KPUB at 830-257-3050.
  • KPUB has no relationship with solar energy companies. If you are approached by someone claiming to be partnered with KPUB, report the incident. If you want information regarding solar energy, contact KPUB directly at 830-257-3050.
  • In-home energy-saving pitches in exchange for cash will never be offered by KPUB or third-party companies partnered with KPUB. If you wish to report an incident or receive an energy audit for your home, call KPUB at 830-257-3050.
  • Checks may be sent to customers to call and ‘verify’ the check. Usually, the number given to call is an expensive per-minute number that will put you on hold and collect excessive charges. KPUB will never send you a check and request verification. If you are requested to verify as check by someone posing to be KPUB report the incident to police and KPUB at 830-257-3050.
  • Always contact KPUB directly to receive information about your account.
  • Never provide card or banking information to someone over the phone without knowing their actual identity.
  • KPUB will never show up at your home or business to collect payments.