KPUB’s short message service (SMS) number has changed to a unique toll-free number to serve our customers more reliably and efficiently. Our new toll-free SMS phone number will be 1-855-959-2596. Customers that have previously enrolled in our texting service through their SmartHub account will receive a text message notifying them of this change on June 10th.

If you have yet to enroll in our texting service, here is how to do it:

  1. Create a SmartHub account on the free SmartHub app for App Store and Google Play
  2. Input your current mobile phone number in the SmartHub app under notifications and manage my contacts
  3. Now you are signed up and are able to report outages, get an outage status, and receive updates
    • To be eligible to report text outages, you must be a single active account (multiple account holders are not eligible for the text feature)

Using the texting feature:

  1. Text 1-855-959-2596 “OUT” to notify KPUB that your power is out
  2. Text 1-855-959-2596 “STATUS” to check the outage status and receive an update

Other features and benefits to the free SmartHub app:

  1. Manage your account
  2. View & pay your bill
  3. Monitor your usage 24/7
  4. Report service issues
  5. Receive important notices

The text feature on the SmartHub app makes communicating with KPUB easier, faster, and, most importantly, more efficient. Download the free app today through the App Store and Google Play.