Decorating your home for Christmas can get everyone in the Christmas spirit, but the cost of keeping all those lights and decorations plugged in can really put you in a Scrooge-y mood. Don’t let Santa put coal in your wallet, instead decorate efficiently to save!

LED lights, whether in your lawn décor or on your tree, are safer and use 70% less electricity than traditional light bulbs, and last significantly longer. Setting timers for your Christmas decorations is also another great way to save on your electricity bill. Set the timer to turn the lights off before bedtime or when you aren’t home and set the timer to come on only in the dark evening hours! This will prevent wasting energy and save you money. Lastly, avoid inflatable decorations like blow-up snowmen and reindeer. These blow-up characters use a fan motor which uses a Santa-sized amount more of electricity (and money) than LED light strands.

Ring in the Christmas cheer by safely saving money and electricity this season!