According to several Kerrville Public Utility Board customer reports, scam calls have increased significantly in the past several weeks. These scam calls are fraudulent and used to scare customers into providing scammers with money or personal information. Scammers will threaten to disconnect electrical service if payment or personal information is not provided immediately.


  • Threaten a disconnect electricity if payment is not made immediately
  • Ask you to make a payment with a prepaid card
  • Call from an out-of-state phone number
  • Request a cash payment at your home/business
  • Tell you not to call another KPUB number to make a payment
  • Have a technician call you saying they are on their way to disconnect service
  • Threaten a disconnect on holidays or weekends
  • Try to sell you products or services door-to-door or by phone

How to Stay Protected

  • If you aren’t sure if you have been contacted by a KPUB employee, verify the call by contacting our main office directly at 830.257.3050
  • In addition, we recommend customers set up a password for their accounts. This can be done through our website,, on the SmartHub app, or by calling our office and speaking with a representative from customer service.

If you receive a suspicious call, attempt to take note as much as possible of the scam then hang up and call the Kerrville Police Department if you live within city limits or the Kerr County Sheriff’s Department if you live within the county. The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division is also available for customers to file a report.