KPUB is leading a team that submitted an application for the Department of Energy’s Solar in Your Community Challenge (SIYCC) today. Through a novel approach partnering with local non-profits, KPUB proposes to utilize various sites throughout its service territory to build one or more community solar projects. Distributing the output from these solar arrays to the non-profits and to the Low and Moderate Income households is in keeping with KPUB’S mission to be a “provider of reliable, high-quality utility services at the lowest reasonable price” to 22,500 customers in Kerrville, TX and the surrounding communities. By allowing LMI and community non-profits to pursue solar through a virtual net metering program, KPUB’s team can support their community and their customers by helping them reduce their monthly electric bills while promoting green energy in, and around, Kerrville, TX.

Link to SIYCC Application Video: video application

Link to SIYCC Application: application