At yesterday’s City Council meeting a new Community Solar Low- and Moderate-Income Household Tariff was approved. KPUB has been working on several community solar projects which will ultimately benefit all of our customers:

  • Because the systems are installed on our distribution system, we will reduce market transmission costs associated with our peak summer loads to the benefit of all customers,
  • Several “non-profit” customers (Including the City of Kerrville) are hosting the systems, and in return for their help we are giving them the opportunity to serve a portion of their load with the energy generated from these systems at competitive fixed rates tied to the cost of the solar energy (this also benefits all customers, KPUB, and the City by preserving revenue that could otherwise be lost to third party solar installers), and
  • We are establishing a unique rate to serve low and moderate income customers with solar energy at fixed competitive rates tied to the cost of the solar energy, these customers otherwise do not normally have access to a roof or the means to gain access to solar energy.