At yesterday’s City Council meeting, the Council unanimously approved a joint lease agreement with the Kerrville Public Utility Board and RES Americas to install two one-megawatt community solar systems at the City’s landfill site. The system will provide discounted energy to the City and Low and Moderate Income customers while benefitting all KPUB customers by reducing peak energy costs. Annual savings for the City are projected to be approximately $30,000 and annual lease revenue will be approximately $15,000.

RES Americas is the solar developer that KPUB has selected to develop several community solar systems throughout the KPUB service area. RES was selected after a lengthy process which evaluated proposals from at least a dozen vendors and conducting site visits and interviews.

The area where the system will be installed is not needed for landfill purposes for at least 35 years, so use of the site for the solar system makes sense as it would be otherwise unused.