April 22, 2020—Employees, patients and visitors at Peterson Health now have the option to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) while on the hospital’s campus, thanks to Kerrville Public Utility Board’s (KPUB’s) newly installed level 2 EV charging station.

KPUB was quick to catch onto the EV charging station trend, adding the first one in the Hill Country, inside of the Kerrville Downtown Parking Garage. Since then, KPUB has expanded more of them within our community, including the station recently installed in the parking lot of the Kerrville Convention & Visitors’ Bureau (CVB). The latest one at Peterson Health, which just came live last week, marks the third that they have added in the Kerrville area since 2012.

“We are thrilled to offer a convenient amenity for drivers who are helping our environment and choosing to go green,” said Lisa Winters, director of marketing & community relations for Peterson Health. “As a hospital with a foundation built upon elevating health, we love this new elevated option for drivers and visitors in our community.”

As more electric vehicles come onto the market, KPUB’s staff has actively been planning how to incorporate customers’ charging needs into our community’s electricity infrastructure. “We have been strategically planning new EV charging points in key locations in Kerrville as the EV trend continues to grow,” said Mike Wittler, general manager & CEO of KPUB. “Schreiner University is the next one on our list to go live in 2020.”

KPUB’s charging station at the Kerrville CVB is a direct-current (DC) fast-charging station, the fastest one on the market and the same type of power that batteries use. Level 2 charging stations like the ones found at Peterson Health and the Kerrville Downtown Parking Garage use alternating current (AC), which you’ll find in typical household outlets. A level 2 station provides 10-20 miles of range for every hour of charge time, while a DC fast charging station provides a charge that is approximately ten times as fast with 100-250 miles of range per hour.

EV users looking to get a quick charge up at the utility’s charging stations around Kerrville can join KPUB’s six-month flat-rate program online at kpub.com for just $30 a month or pay an hourly rate at the pump, which varies depending upon the level of charging station they are using.


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