May 2, 2023—At KPUB, we are always looking for ways to support others in our community.  KPUB’s General Manager & CEO recently found an opportunity to lend a helping hand to the Doyle Community Center.

The past two weekends, KPUB employees, local community members and organizations donated their time and money to make electrical improvements to the Doyle Community Center’s outdoor pavilion. The improvements increased the pavilion’s electrical capacity and outfitted the pavilion with new overhead lights that are energy-efficient and equipped with timers.

“It made sense to find a permanent solution now that the Doyle Community Center is hosting outdoor events on a regular basis,” said Mike Wittler, KPUB General Manager & CEO. “Our staff spearheaded this project, but it ultimately came together because of the generosity of several local businesses and community members coming together. Without the support of John Flowers of EveReady Electric, these upgrades would not have been possible.”

Donors for the project included EveReady Electric, Mayor Judy & George Eychner, Kerrville Morning Rotary, Rotary Club of Kerrville, Dealers Electrical Supply, and KPUB’s Employee Charity Fund.

“The Doyle Community Center is very grateful to our supporters for the labor, materials and financial donations they provided to increase the electrical capacity and replace the lights for the Doyle Pavilion,” said BK Gamble, Doyle Community Executive Director. “Prior to this upgrade, the pavilion had very limited electrical capacity and old, inefficient overhead lighting. The increased electrical power and new lights will enable us to provide memorable community events now and in the future.”


EveReady Electric and KPUB employees donated their labor in-kind to complete the pavilion upgrades over the weekends of April 22-23 and April 29-30.

L to R: Mark Alejandro (KPUB Senior IT Tech), Larry Lee (KPUB General Foreman), Mayor Judy Eychner, Kate Allen (Doyle Community Program Director), Clifton Fifer (Outreach Coordinator), John Flowers (Eveready Electric), BK Gamble (Doyle Community ED), Robby McCutcheon (KPUB Director of IT), Mike Wittler (KPUB General Manager & CEO), Tammye Riley (KPUB Director of Operations) and Eric Culwell (Eveready Electric).