KPUB is seeking 2-10 acre plots of land to either lease or purchase for solar development. Lessors with Commercial Service from KPUB may be eligible to receive some offtake from the project. The sites must meet the following requirements:

  • Located within KPUB’s service territory (or partially in the service territory).
  • Grade should be less than 10%
  • Minimal shading or obstruction on the property
  • In close proximity to a distribution line or minimal obstacles to obtaining right of way
  • Well maintained access to property
  • Not a part of a flood zone or wetland
  • Site can be secured
  • Lease terms are expected to be 25 years with a 10 year extension option

KPUB may make other considerations before selecting the final property or properties beyond those listed here. Interested participants must submit an information form relating to the site(s) to KPUB by March 31, 2017 to be guaranteed consideration.

Questions should be emailed to KPUB at [email protected] by Monday, March 27, 2017. Answers to questions submitted will be posted on this webpage.

KPUB Land Provider information form/questionnaire

KPUB Service Area Map