Always Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig

Every year on August 11th, National Safe Digging Day, also known as 8-1-1 Day, is honored. National Safe Digging Day serves as an important reminder to anyone digging—professionals and DIY-ers—that you must call before you dig to protect yourself from underground utility lines and avoid hefty fines.

When to Call 8-1-1

8-1-1 is the toll-free phone number you are required call at least two business days prior to any kind of digging. Whether you are using a shovel to dig a hole for a tree in your backyard or having a professional excavator dig a trench, 8-1-1 needs to be called to flag or mark the approximate location of underground utility lines.

Calling 8-1-1 before breaking ground is the law and protects you from serious injuries or causing expensive damage to underground equipment leading to hefty fines. National Safe Digging Day is an initiative led by the U.S. Department of Transportation in an attempt to prevent damages to underground utility lines due to digging and to keep excavators safe.

Before and After Calling 8-1-1

The 8-1-1 law requires ALL companies and individuals that plan on digging to call 8-1-1 at least two business days before the start of the project. After 8-1-1 is called, utilities, such as water, electric and gas, will send an employee or contractor to pinpoint and mark the areas with underground lines. The marked areas must be honored and any digging within 18 inches of the marking must be approached extremely carefully. Once each underground utility line has been flagged in the area, you may begin digging.

By calling 8-1-1 prior to excavating, we can all stay safer while digging and keep our utilities running with uninterrupted service.

Call Before You Dig.