Notre Dame High School art teacher, Ren Wright-Trapino, completing Kerrville Downtown Parking Garage mural.

November 30, 2021—Another new downtown mural has been unveiled as part of Big Seed’s efforts to beautify Kerrville. The mural’s artwork was commissioned as a partnership project between the Kerrville Public Utility Board (KPUB) and Big Seed, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a medium for young creatives to explore and develop their artistic passion. The 45’x9’ mural spans two walls and is located in the Kerrville Downtown Parking Garage by one of KPUB’s EV charging stations.

“KPUB’s support for community development is extraordinary,” said Jeremy Walther, founder of Big Seed and Pint and Plow owner. “Projects like this create a network of learning that extends beyond classroom walls, providing experience, exposure and opportunities for engagement. Big Seed looks forward to a continued partnership with KPUB and a shared commitment to making Kerrville a better place not only for young creative talent in the Kerrville area but for all of us.”

The project is titled “Restore, Recharge” and was completed by Ren Wright-Trapino, Notre Dame High School Art Teacher, and several of her students. The artwork is symbolic of the evolution of clean energy. It depicts the transition from mankind’s first mode of transportation, horses, to the advancement of electric vehicles emerging in today’s market. The design in shades of greens with black and white highlights is a nod to the environment, new development and growth.

“We’d like to give our gratitude to Big Seed and the talented artists who made this project come to fruition,” said Mike Wittler, KPUB General Manager & CEO. “It’s a beautiful addition to our community’s parking garage and is a wonderful depiction of the evolution of clean energy. It incorporates both our Texas heritage and today’s modern technology.”

The KPUB EV Charging Station in the Kerrville Downtown Parking Garage was the first one installed in the Hill Country Region back in 2012. KPUB has installed seven charging stations in its service territory, with its most recent addition at the Riverside Nature Center set to come online soon. To view all of KPUB’s charging station locations, visit


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