As a community-owned, not-for-profit utility company, helping our customers save energy and money is important to us. The less energy you use, the more energy you save! Take advantage of the numerous innovative solutions KPUB offers to be smart with your energy usage.


Have you ever wondered which electronics and appliances in your home are using the most electricity? KPUB’s NEW home energy calculator can break down how many kilowatt-hours your television, washing machine, dryer and HVAC unit are using. The answer might surprise you, and once armed with this information, could make you a smarter energy customer. Learn more at


One way to make sure you’re being as efficient (and, therefore, as conservative) as possible in your energy spending is to go through a home energy auditand KPUB offers them for free to our residential customers! An energy audit can be a valuable tool for understanding your energy usage, utility bill and ways for you to then help reduce it.  Learn more at


Whether you’re looking to replace an inefficient air conditioner or improve your home’s insulation, our KPUB Energy Efficiency Rebate Program offers a variety of ways to help you save.  *terms and exclusions will apply

  • Central Air Conditioner, Central Heat Pump or Ductless Mini Splits
  • Attic Insulation • Heat Pump Water Heater • Smart Thermostat          
  • Window Replacements • Window Units

Learn more at


Your KPUB account and our SmartHub app include robust energy use analytics tools, which allow you to compare energy use over time and against weather data. You can even set up power usage alerts to receive a text message or email when your energy usage exceeds the maximum/minimum threshold that you’ve set up. Tracking your energy use like this lets you see if you’re using more energy than usual and empowers you to make adjustments if necessary. Learn more at