The Kerrville Public Utility Board (KPUB) is a not-for-profit, community-owned utility company with rates that are designed to recover the cost to serve each class of customer.

KPUB does not generate our own power. We are an electric utility distribution company that purchases the power that’s used to serve our customers from a diverse variety of power suppliers.

KPUB cannot earn a profit off the cost of the power we deliver to our customers. We are only allowed to pass through our power supply costs to our customers. As we prepare for cooler temperatures this winter, KPUB would like our customers to be aware that the cost of a variety of energy sources has increased.

On November 1, 2022, the variable portion of our rate component is increasing from $0.02485 per kWh to $0.03235 per kWh for residential customers. This means an increase of $7.50 per month for 1,000 kWh usage on residential accounts. KPUB’s residential customers use an average of about 1,200 kWh per month, but monthly usage varies widely from customer to customer and month to month, so every customer will be impacted differently.

KPUB’s rate structure

Our tariff and customer rate structure is based on a fixed rate plus a variable rate that can fluctuate with actual power supply costs. The variable portion is called the power cost adjustment factor (PCAF).

The PCAF can go up or down monthly, depending upon variances in our power supply costs.  KPUB tries to set the power cost adjustment factor based on 6-12 month projections of costs so that our customers will not see significant changes in the cost per kWh month to month. Every effort is made to ensure our customers experience stable/non-variable rates.

How can I use energy wisely this winter?

KPUB is committed to delivering reliable, high-quality utility service at the lowest responsible price.

Now is the time to prepare for cold weather to ensure you stay safe and warm during the wintertime while managing your winter heating bills.

Consider taking steps now with the following non-traditional billing tools KPUB offers:

  • Enroll in PrePay billing which puts you in control of your energy usage and lets you pay for your electricity when you want, how you want. Learn more here.
  • Sign up now for budget billing which helps you have a more predictable KPUB bill each month. For those on a fixed income, this program is very helpful to average out higher seasonal bills and spread costs out. Learn more here.

Save energy with the following tips:

  • Lower your thermostat to 68 degrees during the day and 58 degrees when you are away from the home.
  • Clean or replace all filters in your home monthly. Dirty filters make your system work harder than necessary.
  • Lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees and reduce your use of hot water. Water heating accounts for as much as 25 percent of the energy consumed in your home.
  • Weatherize your home by sealing gaps and air leaks around vents, windows and doors.

Click here to learn more about energy-saving tips and rebates that KPUB offers for energy-efficient home improvements.

What steps can I take to stay safe this winter?

Planning ahead is the best thing to do to keep yourself and your family safe in extreme weather conditions. It also will ensure that you avoid any rushes as well with the supply shortages that often occur just prior to a severe weather event.

We encourage you to think back to February 2021 and make a list of what you needed most, whether you had power or not. Make your safety a priority by following our preparedness tips at