April 21, 2020—As this COVID-19 health event continues to evolve, KPUB has been continuously evolving our day-to-day-operations and policies, too, to ensure that we continue to deliver power reliably and safely to our community.

In these unprecedented times, KPUB will continue our suspension of disconnects and late fees while we navigate through this COVID-19 situation. While KPUB has temporarily suspended disconnections for nonpayment, this is not a bill waiver. We urge customers to please contact us so our customer service team can help make a customized payment arrangement plan that best fits your current financial situation. Our goal is to help ease the transition once the pandemic has passed, rather than add to your burden.

Our lobby and drive-thru will continue to remain temporarily closed for the safety of our community and staff. Please know, we are still here for you.

KPUB will continue to serve our customers and support our community through our numerous remote service options.

In response to COVID-19, we have added two brand-new payment kiosks that are located at our main office at 2250 Memorial Blvd. This new bill payment option is fully-operational and serves customers in multiple languages (both English & Spanish). The self-serve payment kiosks accept cash, check and debit/credit card payments. Please note that cash payments will not issue any change back from payments. Any cash payment overages will be issued to a customer’s account as a bill credit for the next billing cycle.

Here are our convenient contactless payment options:

Online: Online services are always available 24/7 at kpub.com or through the SmartHub app to access your account, make payments, or start/stop/transfer your electric service.

PhoneDebit card, credit card and electronic check payments can be made with KPUB’s secure pay-by-phone option at 1.855.382.9918. There is no fee associated with the use of this pay-by-phone service.

Automatic payments: Enjoy the convenience of having your bill automatically paid each month from your debit or credit card when you enroll in AutoPay and never have to worry about late fees or disconnects. We also offer an automatic bank account draft option as well. Automatic payments can be set up through your SmartHub account online or by contacting KPUB customer service.

Customer service: KPUB’s customer service team is here to help during this time by phone to answer calls regarding payments or any service-related questions. You can reach them at KPUB’s main office number at 830.257.3050 during our regular business hours of M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Mail: Mail payments will still be processed as usual that are sent to:
Kerrville Public Utility Board, P. O. Box 294999, Kerrville, TX 78029

Dropbox: KPUB’s night drop is being processed as usual for any check payments. The night drop box is located on the wall of KPUB’s drive-thru window. Cash payments are not accepted with our night drop services.

For power outages or emergency services: KPUB’s dispatch, outages & emergency calls are available 24/7 by calling 830.257.2883. Outages can also be reported online at kpub.com and through the utility’s SmartHub app.

KPUB continues to work closely with our peers in the electric utility industry and our government and regulatory partners to gather and share up-to-date information, best practices and guidance to ensure everyone stays safe and that KPUB maintains operational integrity. We continue to be your community-owned provider of reliable, high-quality utility service at the lowest responsible price.

If you would like to help a friend or neighbor in need during this time, we encourage you to contribute to KPUB’s Share the Light Program. Customers wishing to contribute any amount, even as little as $1.00, to the Share the Light Program can simply indicate this on the paper bill portion that is returned with your payment. You can also sign up for recurring donations by contacting our customer service team.

If you have a specific person or family you would like to help, you can contribute funds on their KPUB account. Please give us a call, and we can assist in making that payment. You will need to choose your own predetermined amount since we will be unable to tell you how much, if anything, a customer owes due to privacy laws.

We are grateful for a community that comes together to support one another and for the Kerrville Kindness we have seen already. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, and please know we are here to work with you during COVID-19. We are all in this together.


Kerrville Public Utility Board