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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?
Understanding my KPUB bill.
Why is my bill so high?
How do I connect New Service?
Payment Options
Paying your KPUB electric bill can be handled in any of these convenient ways.
1) Bank Draft
 -->Click here to setup a bank draft payment
2) Credit Card Auto Pay
Click here to setup a credit card auto pay
3) Phone in and pay using Secure Pay toll-free number: 1-855-382-9918
4) Pay online at (via Pay My Bill access)
SmartHub is an application that allows customers to access their electric account(s) on mobile devices. Customers can make payments, view usage history, view payment history, contact Customer Service, and receive alerts and special messages from KPUB – all on the go! For more information, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions SmartHub FAQs
5) Payment Centers in and around Kerrville
(Click to view locations below)
6) Pay by mail via the United States Post Office



Why is my bill so high?
The total amount of your bill is reflective of many factors, but in large part, it is specific to how warm or cool you prefer to keep your home or office and thus how often your furnace or air conditioner runs. A simple way in which you can reduce your monthly bill without suffering from uncomfortable temperature extremes is by taking advantage of our FREE RESIDENTIAL ENERGY AUDIT.

This program is a free service to our residential customers. A KPUB representative will inspect your home and with a written report, make recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the home. All aspects of the home are evaluated. Residential energy audits will be scheduled during normal business hours according to staff availability. KPUB staff does not make repairs to customer's equipment. An energy audit can be a valuable tool to help you understand your energy usage and resulting bill.

For more information on a FREE home energy audit, click here
Where can I pay my bill?
You must bring your bill with you if you are paying at one of the following locations:

Kerrville Public Utility Board
2250 Memorial Blvd.
Kerrville Texas

City of Kerrville *
800 Junction Hwy
Kerrville Texas

*Payments accepted until 2:00 P.M. on the due date

How do I connect New Service?
Application for service


Electric Load Form  - This form is used by the Engineering Department to determine your power needs. You may be asked to complete this form and return upon evaluating your request for service.

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