Small changes can help you save.

It’s fall in Texas, y’all! Autumn means it’s time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin carving and crisp breezes, so it’s no surprise that many Americans proclaim fall as their favorite time of the year. Autumn brings people close together to celebrate family, holidays, and yummy food—including everything pumpkin!

But while you enjoy cooler weather and a break from the summer humidity, remember that you might need to make some changes to your energy-saving habits.


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Heating and cooling drives most of your energy usage.

Take advantage of mild weather by opening your windows or running your fans to give your A/C a much-needed break.



Change your air filters regularly.

Replacing your air filters could lower your usage by up to 15%.

* Dirty filters make your system work harder than necessary. Replace them monthly!




Keep your kitchen cool.

Fall is the perfect season to master the grill! Your slow cooker and Instant Pot are also great alternatives to the stove or oven—cooking low and slow will help save energy.



Your personal energy usage dashboard.

Knowing your energy habits can help you stay informed and save. Your My Usage dashboard in SmartHub provides a snapshot of your daily, monthly and yearly energy habits to see how your usage changes with the weather. Check it out online or in our app. 

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Get personalized energy usage alerts. 

Set up helpful email or text alerts to keep your savings on track in real-time through your SmartHub account under the notifications tab (drop down to manage notifications).

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